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Old School or Shyte School?

Right…here we go again with a stukkie Kop Stukke. I am warming up for a shocking article. So shocking I actually need approval from more wiser and educated bra’s in the biking fraternity hierarchy. Herewith the warm up.

Respect, love, loyalty, family, etc…all these and more ‘words’ are often used when referring to, or talking about the Brotherhood in biking. And you often hear people ‘gooi’ “Yes, we do things old school and we operate old school and blah, blah, blah…..” (ad infinitum)

What da fuck is old school? To what and which period of biking are you referring to? Post-war days when army drop outs took to bikes to express their rebellion against the system. Biking in the 70’s? 80’s perhaps? What about the 90’s?  Or does your ‘old school’ memories take you back as far as 5 years ago?

You see what I mean?

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