Why so quiet?

We’ve been riding our bikes, that’s why.

Spread out over a few days we rode from the Big Smoke (JHB) to St Lucia and back.

With our age beginning to show we decided that the tents will stay home and we’ll treat ourselves to some fine B&Bs. The route was planned by our resident road trip guru (Warthog) who knows every nook and cranny of this beautiful country like the back of his hand.

Day 1:

Travel from JHB to Dundee via Pietretief, trying to avoid all major freeways.

Day 1

Day 1

Meeting up with some of the riders who left a day early to go stay over at the Val Hotel

IMG_2370 IMG_2372

Somewhere in the blur of racing through countryside we stopped in a little town (WakkerStroom, I think) where the only open bar was at a wedding. We promptly made ourselves comfortable at the event and enjoyed a few refreshments before heading off to Piet Retief.

IMG_2401 IMG_2405 IMG_2407

Got to Dundee as nightfall started.IMG_2411

Accomodation fit for a king or hardegat bikers at Lalalapa in Glencoe.

IMG_2423 IMG_2424Day2:

Off to find the Babanango Hotel for a beer and get to St Lucia before sunset.

To St Lucia

To St Lucia



The Babnango Hotel, sadly does not exist anymore.

IMG_2456 IMG_2461

Almost there.IMG_2466In St Lucia we rested our weary bones at Jo-A-Lize

Day 3:

Our three man crew split up, one going to Ramsgate and the remaining two hitting the R618 to the Natal Spa at Swembad. yes, I know this doesn’t sound very hardcore but it was the best accommodation we could find on short notice.

To Swembad

To Swembad

This road looked fantastic on paper…

The first hundred odd kays were OK, despite the speedbumps and goats. Did I mention the goats? They’re fkn everywhere! Stopping at a crossing in the road somewhere near Nongoma we located a petrol station. Aparently the only petrol station for hundreds of kilometers. The queue for fuel was longer than last period math class on a Friday. Filled up and ready for the next stretch we bolted out of there only to hit a section of road (R618) that had 5 kays of tar dug out. Being adventurous we continued on to find a perfectly tarred mountain pass all the way Hlobane.

IMG_2509 IMG_2512From there it was smooth sailing all the way to Swembad

IMG_2519 IMG_2525Day 4:

This was “Get the f*ck home” day. No scenery, no BS, just riding hard to get back.