Pillion on being a crazy ol’ lady

95ba658d5279533510dba26d2ad15ad0Lets face it bikers have had a bad rep since the beginning, in the world of the normals, there are two reactions to bikers, either they think that they are bat shit crazy or their jealously of not being able to get the balls to do what they do runs a river of green behind them.

Parents see them as these predators that are going to take their “little girls” and turn them into a version of Mallory Knox, wreaking havoc and chaos in an drug & alchol fuelled frenzy…


To us Ol’ Ladies, we share the saddle with our Hero’s, our Knight’s, our Vikings… We believe they are perfectly within reason to get onto 2 wheels after a few JD’s and klap it down the road at 200 and voetsek into their favourite bend and we do what we do.. hold on and shut the f**k up and… we love it, we take in every second and hold onto our SO and soak in that bend as our souls merge for those few seconds.

A few years ago on short ride out to the middle of nowhere we ended up going down Van Reenen’s at a reasonable speed, my SO’s weight shifted in his seat, instinct kicked in knowing that Rossi style was about to come into full play. My first thought was “can I get out a pillion seat” deciding there wasn’t nearly enough time to give it some decent thought I shifted my my shoulders in line with his and just went with it.

At the next stop we had a brief chat about this and his words where “well lets try it, just move at the exact moment I do” and we did. That first bend approached, my hand on his hip I felt a flinch and I did what he said, I climbed out my seat at the immediate time he did. For the duration of the Van Reenens road we moved left, right, left in unison it was euphoric.

I’ve spend hour upon hour in the saddle, not paying attention but just “being”. Not to long ago, coming back from a mates house, Zef hit brakes like I’ve never felt and I couldn’t see why, seconds later a car that had pulled out from the emergency lane crossed in front of us.. he pre-empted the stupidity and in doing so saved us from an off..

So I ponder about being a Crazy Ol’ Lady and If trust in my man and his riding ability makes me crazy well then I wear my title with pride.

See you on the road…