Rest peacefully young Jasmin


2014 started with a big blow to a family in the biking community, with the loss of their dear little angel Jasmin.  Pastor Colin Bam, who is the National President of the Jesus Disciples, granddaughter lost her life to a man who cared more about his needs than life of a child.

I’ve spent time in the Jesus Disciples church and have interacted with the family, I know their love for the community and can without any doubt in my mind say that NONE of them would ever put a child in harms way.  The community has rallied together to help and stand with the family which I had no doubt they would do.  The biking community has a strength that I doubt others do.

With the strength there will always be those who point fingers and try to place the blame at every door step possible. People are speculating, trying to fault everyone in the family, but there is only one person to blame here and that is the man who is behind bars.  The law will take its course, and he will be held accountable for his actions.  Would I love to have him handed over to the community to rip to pieces, to be honest i’m not against it, but this isn’t Lord of the flies, that is what separates us from those who cross lines that should never be crossed.  What we need to keep in mind is that this is a real family that has been harmed but a tragedy.  A horrific nightmare that I wouldn’t wish on my absolute worst enemy, so lets stand back, put ourselves in their shoes and stand by their side in support. The truth will come out, a bit of patience will give you the answers you want.

This terrible event has got me thinking about what the biking community can do to stop this evil cursing our country.  If there is one community that can make a difference, I have no doubt it’s us.  If we can pull together against tolls, why not pull together and take a stand against child abuse in South Africa?  We have so many groups out there that we can get involved in, give these kids a voice through us and strong people they can turn to if there is no one else they feel they can trust.

I would love to see some suggestions in our comments section of what as a community we can do to get involved and help these kids.