In Case Of Emergency

Over the last couple of months I have become very concerned about dealing with emergency situations and how unprepared I am for an event that is out of the norm.

One of the main issues is how does somebody quickly find out who I am if I were to be in a bike accident? Yes, I do carry my driver’s license with me but this does not give anybody quick access to my ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts. On my phone there are a few contacts listed as ICE but due to me being paranoid that some stranger reads my e-mails, the phone is locked with with a PIN code. This is where I started investigating ICE apps for smartphones, that put your ICE details on the lock screen of the phone. During this search I found many apps but also found that a lot of them want money for the app and if you are like me, free is your favorite price.  That’s when it dawned on me, there is something on your phone that is always visible, the wallpaper!

Using your favorite drawing app, (Paint, Skitch, Gimp, PhotoShop) make a simple picture with some text on it and e-mail it to yourself. Save the emailed picture and set it as your wallpaper, et voila! ICE details that anybody can see without unlocking your phone. Here is an example of mine.

ICE Wallpaper

ICE Wallpaper

If you need some help making your own ICE wallpaper, email me

Or if you want to make your own one like I did, go download Skitch at for iPhone, Android, Windows os Mac.