Bikers Against Tolls Update

Press Release

B.A.T (Bikers Against Tolls)

Extended Protest Mass Ride in opposition to the Implementation of E-Tolls

Sandton, June 11, 2013:  Bikers Against Tolls (B.A.T) will be taking to the highways on a mass protest ride on the 15th of June in Johannesburg and in Cape Town. This is in opposition to the imminent activation of Urban Tolling and the pending N2 Wine Route E- Tolls. BAT is expecting 2000 plus motorcycles to attend the Gauteng protest and 1500 in Cape Town.

The Gauteng protest route will follow the M3 and N12 ring road in a clockwise direction starting from the World Wear Shopping Center in Cresta.

The Cape Town protest will follow the proposed N2 toll road starting from Ottery and ending in Botsriver.

Both protest rides will commence at 09H00.

The BAT organization denounces the Urban Tolling system outright;

  • Urban centers have been targeted with no suitable alternative routes.
  • The citizens are being held captive by this concept.
  • There has been no transparency regarding the contracts given or loans acquired.
  • The administration of the E-Toll collections is drastically flawed
  • The maladministration and theft of public funds could have been used for road improvement
  • Fuel levies are not being used to fund roads and infrastructure development as what it was designed to do.

BAT does not accept the reasons given for the tolls or the censorship of the contracts provided for public scrutiny. BAT denounces the confidentiality being afforded to international companies involved in the E-Toll system and no respect to the Citizens of the Republic of South Africa who are expected to blindly pay for this extra monetary burden.

BAT and its supporters will oppose all forms of Urban Tolling until the Government becomes accountable for the financial losses it incurs through its poor financial management.

B.A.T will escalate and expand the protest actions to other cities, until the will of the citizens of this country is respected, and the concept of Urban Tolling is scrapped.

BAT is in full support of COSATU and of OUTA.  We will not relent in our efforts to oppose unjust laws or regulations.


Released by

James Sleigh (Founder BAT) Cell 071 751 0612

Convener Shaun Pfister (Event Organizer)