Piston Ring Club – May 2013

On the third Sunday of each month the Piston Ring Car Club has their open meeting. This is becoming one of the favorite Sunday events for bikers, motorists and lovers of classic cars.  On site is everything you may need for a morning out with the family, flea market, food stalls, beer garden and the cars of the Piston Ring Club members on display.

Checkout their site and diarise their events, spend a sunday strolling amongst the V8’s. Piston Ring Club Events Calendar

The Weekend That Was

This past weekend offered some great to-do’s for the biker community. I could not attend all the events but will show you some pics of the the two that I did manage to get to.

First was the bikers against e-Toll protest run. This was a really well organized event with a few thousand bikers making their voices heard.


Thnx to Pieter Willem for the vid.


Vid by Wayne Bartley, thanks bro.

Next up was the Phantom Riders’ Fun day.

I couldn’t stay long but did manage to get some pics of their beautiful trophies and one of our prospects got a new piercing from the on site tattoo guys. I will definitely make an effort to visit a bit longer next time. The vibe was good, music was loud and the beer was cheap!